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27 years since it was recorded, the greatest unreleased heavy metal album of all time, sees the light of day! `Journey Into Fear`, by the Canadian metal masters DEAF DEALER, has been Canada`s best kept metal secret. Comes with a 16-page booklet, liner notes, album story, photos and lyrics! The album was originally tracked in 1987 at the world-famous Toronto studio Metalworks with Dan Johnson and Scott Burns as producers, but for various reasons was never officially made available. A few cassette copies were circulated in the metal underground, and the LP eventually gained a cult status, with many fans going as far to call it `the greatest metal album never officially released`. Journey Into Fear features the distinctive bass playing of bass virtuoso Jean-Pierre Fortin, coupled with great guitar lines by Marc Hayward Brassard and Yves Ian Penn Pedneault along with classic vocal lines by Michel Flynn Lalonde. Combined with way-ahead-of-its-time power drumming by Dan Mc Gregor Gregoire, the effort definitely deserves a spot among the greatest heavy metal creations of the `80s. Based in Quebec, DEAF DEALER started in the early `80s as DEATH DEALER, and made an appearance on the legendary compilation `Metal Massacre IV` in 1983 with the song `Cross My Way`. A short time later, the original singer Andre Larouche was replaced by Lalonde and the band changed its name to DEAF DEALER. They released a highly acclaimed debut in 1986 under the title `Keeper Of The Flame` and in 1987 they recorded eight songs that were never released. Soon after the recordings were completed, the group disbanded.

1. Back To God`s Country
2. Mind Games
3. Blood And Sand
4. Tribute To A Mad Man
5. East End Terror
6. To Hell And Back
7. Escape From The Witch Mountain
8. Journey Into Fear

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